CX100 Pre-Cut Corner

CX100 Pre-Cut Corner
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Dimensions: Supplied as 2x1m lengths with mitred joint

6.9cm H x 7.1cm Projection





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Dimension: 2m L or 2.6m L x 6.9cm (H) x 7.1cm (P)




Coving Cornice adhesive FDP500 DecoFix Pro (310ml cartridge)


Coving Cornice installation adhesive.

A slow-drying glue that ensures a long lasting seal between the coving and the wall and/or ceiling. Suitable for interior Decor and on porous surfaces.

310ml > Covers approx: 7 m

Coving Cornice adhesive FX200 ExtraFix


EXTRA STRONG Coving Cornice Adhesive for perfect jointing gives an unbreakable bond between sections

For seam joints between the coving. Push the profiles strongly to each other and remove excess of DecoFix Extra preferably before hardening (wait at least two hours) with acetone or Synth Thinner.  The adhesive can be painted after 24 hrs.

310ml cartridge> Covers approx 150m of coving