Coving and Cornice Suppliers, from Victorian style Coving to Modern styles and other wall Decor Delivered to Your Door.

Our coving and cornice and all our products are produced in exclusive rigid steel moulds that faithfully yield strikingly ornate and sharply defined details, perfect dimensions, and extremely consistent quality. Our coving and cornice are not made from traditional plaster which is more heavy and brittle, as for our Duropolymer coving, Polyurethane coving, and Polystyrene coving and all other decor products are lightweight, strong made from high-quality polymers  this contributes to the products being waterproof, knock resistant, flexible, and easy to install making Home Decorating much more easy. Our Coving & Cornice is Popular with European Designers in over 70 Countries worldwide, just have a look at the Installation Projects.


Luxxus Cornice

Axxent Coving

Basixx Coving

Modern Coving












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