Coving Cornice Interiors

Led Coving

Our LED Coving and Up-lighter range is ideal for modern spaces that require subtle, sleek lighting. Use single profiles or combine multible references to create a unique, stylish lighting feature.

All our light troughs are versatile and can be used for both uplighting and downlighting. By using our lightweight modern materials and our adhesives installation is a cinch. Unlike heavy plaster alternatives our profiles feature clean lines to create an even spread of light.




Led coving has become very popular in today`s modern homes and in restaurants and bars, the lighting gives off a very cosy atmosphere without having to depend on centred traditional lighting that we are all used to, also to install led coving is not that difficult all you need is our lightweight coving led strips which you can just plug into your mains a sharp hand saw and some tubes of our coving adhesive, you should be able to install these led covings in a mid-size room within 4-5 hours in fact, all of our products come with installation instructions to help you. Please click on any of the pictures to view our prices.