Coving Cornice Interiors

Polystyrene Coving Cornice

What is polystyrene coving and cornice, how does it differ from other types. Polystyrene coving and cornice is a more lighter material than polyurethane and duropolymer, it is one of our lower costing coving however this does not mean that it is inferior in the way it looks for its style and elegance.

Our polystyrene coving cornice is a tradesmen`s favorite for some very good reasons, it`s light and extremely easy to work with and also very reasonably priced, you also get a variety of many styles  and sizes and where you save money  is that they come  in quantity packs, do not let the word polystyrene put you off  because  these coving  cornices once they're up they look  stunning.

what makes these polystyrene coving easy to work with is that they can be cut with a sharp saw, and you only need our adhesive called FDP500 or FDP700 that is applied at the back of the coving and also you do not need any screws like you would do with traditional plaster. please take a look at the  variety of styles that we have in this range.


Polystyrene Comparison Box

Polystyrene Coving  Plaster
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to handle
  • Time saving 
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Recyclable
  • Water resistant
  • Ready primed
  • Easy to paint 
  • No cracks
  • Can be installed in humid areas
  • Heavy and fragile
  • Requires expert craftsman skills
  • Custom madeFine detail, made to order
  • Very fragile
  • Drying time approx 2 weeks
  • Dusty and difficult for refurbishment
  • Surface not very smooth plaster obsorbs paint need more coats 




These are some of our best selling Polystyrene Coving.


        CB502 Coving                        CB503 Coving                       CB511 Coving                       CB512 Coving