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Duropolymer Coving from Orac Decor


What is Duropoymer Coving, and how does it compare with traditional coving. There are quite a few positive differences between Duropolymer and traditional plaster, and the positive attributes go to Orac Decor Duropolymer coving why, well first of all, Duropolymer is much lighter than traditional plaster this means the installation will be much faster, also we have calculated the time it takes to install Duropolymer coving compared to plaster coving or cornice,  with plaster coving you need to use screws to hold the weight and also you will find that installing Duropolymer is much cleaner and less dust and muck than plaster. Duropolymer is a slight bit more tougher than our other coving material called polystyrene, but apart from that they both have the same positives in comparison to plaster coving. Please see below the box diagram and compare.

Duropolymer Comparison Box

Duropolymer Coving  Plaster  
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to handle
  • Time saving 
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Recyclable
  • Water resistant
  • Ready primed
  • Easy to paint 
  • No cracks
  • Can be installed in humid areas
  • Heavy and fragile
  • Requires expert craftsman skills
  • Custom madeFine detail, made to order
  • Very fragile
  • Drying time approx 2 weeks
  • Dusty and difficult for refurbishment
  • Surface not very smooth plaster obsorbs paint need more coats 




These are some of our best selling Duropolymer Coving from our Orac Decor Coving Range

  Duropolymer Coving    

            CX100 Coving                        CX106 Coving                       CX123 Coving                      CX127 Coving